Benefits of buying a mobile phone on finance


What we can’t run away from is that we all have an innate desire to own the latest mobile phone if cost were not a restraint. We all want to spot the latest piece of technological wonder but are most often than not restricted due to the high costs involved in acquiring a mobile phone of our choice. However, it is now possible to own a mobile phone with a high price tag thanks to mobile phone financing. As a result of the high demand on the latest mobile phone releases, a good number of UK retailers are more than willing to sell mobile phones on finance even to customers who might be having a bad credit rating provided that they can meet the minimum monthly repayments and produce proof of a steady income. With that in mind, what are some of the benefits of buying a mobile phone on finance?

Ability to choose the latest mobile phone release

It’s inarguable that one of the main benefits of buying a mobile phone on finance is that it accords you an opportunity to choose from one of the latest models released in the market. This could be an iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, Samsung galaxy s6, or any other latest release mobile phone of your choice and tastes. Ordinarily, buying these latest mobile phone releases upfront may cost you an arm and a leg and most of the time we don’t have the amount of money upfront. In fact, the greatest benefit is that a couple of UK providers offer their customers an option to upgrade every 12 or 18 months provided that they do not default on repayments and that they are always on time to make their monthly repayments.


With the latest mobile phones retailing at high prices, the flexibility of paying for one over a period of time is something gives many UK citizens flexibility. Depending on one’s ability and income, one has the flexible option of either making weekly repayments or monthly repayments depending on the agreement they reach with their provider of choice. This of course gives you the flexibility to effectively plan your finances and go for a repayment option that does not weigh down on your finances. Additionally, contrary to a monthly phone contract, you can also go for a SIM only contract as you are not necessarily tied to any given specific network.

No background checks

In order to be able to buy a mobile phone on finance, a number of companies carry out credit checks. This is however not uniform as there are a number of UK providers that do not carry out background checks and there only requirement is that you earn a monthly income that is sufficient to cover the monthly cost of the phone you are buying on finance. What this essentially means is that you can buy a mobile phone on finance even if you have bad credit.

The freedom to pay weekly or monthly without having to inherently worry about the status of your credit score is what essentially makes buying a mobile phone on finance such a delight!