Bad credit mobile phones basics


Getting approved for a phone contract might be a tall order especially if your credit score is in bad shape. Chances are that you will get the same disheartening answer every time you apply for one. However, this need not give you sleepless nights as there are a number of UK providers who offer bad credit mobile phones specifically designed for UK citizens with a less than stellar credit rating. If you’ve never applied for a bad credit phone and contemplating to do so, there are a number of basics you need to conversant with.

Acceptance rates

Do your research properly before applying with any given UK provider. Do not be desperate as to apply with a provider that you come across. Do background research to ensure that the provider you ultimately do business with has high acceptance rates. This gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that your application will be approved in the first instance and that you don’t have to approach a number of them before you can get the much needed approval.


Whether you like it or not, cost plays a very important role in the ultimate decision you make. You should not be too anxious to get approval to the extent of giving the aspect of cost a wide berth. Compare different providers and apply with other that offers the lowest interest rates on your bad credit mobile phone monthly contract. You can make use of comparison sites to get an idea of the interest rates different providers offer before you take the plunge.

Types of plans

When applying for a bad credit mobile phone, it’s essential that you weigh the options in tandem with your budget. There are basically two types of bad credit mobile phones. A plan for brand new phones as well as a plan for refurbished mobile phones. Basically, refurbished phones plans tend to be slightly cheaper than brand new phones. As such, if you feel your budget is tight, there is no need for you to go for a brand new phone and strain your finances. The logical thing to do would be to go for a refurbished phone that is manageable on your finances.

Upgrade option

The fact that you have a poor credit rating does not mean that you should go for a raw deal. With some many UK providers offering bad credit mobile phones, you should do your research properly and apply for one where you have the option for an upgrade in the foreseeable future. Most providers tend to reward loyalty and punctuality with payment. As such, you should only apply with a UK provider that gives you the option for an upgrade provided that you are loyal and diligent in payments.

Scrutinize the fine print

Do not be desperate as to append your signature on your phone contract without reading the fine print. A glance at Phones For All site and you will get to understand why it’s essential to compare plans as well as reading the fine print before you append your signature. Ensure you understand the terms and conditions of your bad credit mobile phone contract to avert a situation where you deal with hidden costs in the foreseeable future.