Credit options for mobile phones on finance


Considering the fact that most UK providers require that you have a healthy credit history before you can be approved for a mobile phone contract, going for a mobile phone on finance might be the next best alternative. If you have routinely been declined for a phone contract and can’t seem to snag one for yourself, it is high time you set your eyes on mobile phone financing. Essentially, a good number of UK retailers accord you the opportunity to buy a phone and now and make flexible payments for it over a couple of months, buy now and pay later at a specific date monthly, or quarter as you deem fit. This arrangement coupled with the fact that it’s easier to get a mobile phone on finance as compared to a monthly phone contract is the very reason why mobile phone financing continues to gain immense popularity.

In addition to this, buying a mobile phone on finance online is instrumental in the sense that you get to have the said phone delivered directly to your door step without having to move an inch. You also get to access your online account and effectively manage your repayments without much of a hassle. If you are seeking to buy a mobile phone on finance from a UK online retailer, there are a number of credit options at your disposal. These are:

Credit options for mobile phones on finance

Before your new application for a mobile phone on finance can be processed, an application for a credit account with a UK online retailer of your choice is of essence. To do this, you simply need to provide your online retailer with basic information such as your contact details, name, and address. You might also be required to provide additional information such as a utility bill or a copy of your bank statement for identification purposes. The moment your new credit account has been approved, you are entitled to receive a monthly bill statement giving you a breakdown of all the purchases you’ve made in a month as well as the minimum amount of money you need to make as repayment.


Essentially, there are a number of ways in which you can repay for your due amount monthly. For starters, you have the option of simply calling your UK online retailer directly and making repayments over the phone, logging into your credit account and making the repayments online or if your online retailer has physical offices on UK high street, make payments in person by visiting one of their stores.

Buy now pay later

Another great repayment option is the buy now pay later. This is a situation whereby you buy your phone now but make payments for the same phone at an agreed future date. This could be after six months or 12 months depending on the agreement you reach with your online UK retailer.

Benefits of buying a mobile phone on finance


What we can’t run away from is that we all have an innate desire to own the latest mobile phone if cost were not a restraint. We all want to spot the latest piece of technological wonder but are most often than not restricted due to the high costs involved in acquiring a mobile phone of our choice. However, it is now possible to own a mobile phone with a high price tag thanks to mobile phone financing. As a result of the high demand on the latest mobile phone releases, a good number of UK retailers are more than willing to sell mobile phones on finance even to customers who might be having a bad credit rating provided that they can meet the minimum monthly repayments and produce proof of a steady income. With that in mind, what are some of the benefits of buying a mobile phone on finance?

Ability to choose the latest mobile phone release

It’s inarguable that one of the main benefits of buying a mobile phone on finance is that it accords you an opportunity to choose from one of the latest models released in the market. This could be an iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, Samsung galaxy s6, or any other latest release mobile phone of your choice and tastes. Ordinarily, buying these latest mobile phone releases upfront may cost you an arm and a leg and most of the time we don’t have the amount of money upfront. In fact, the greatest benefit is that a couple of UK providers offer their customers an option to upgrade every 12 or 18 months provided that they do not default on repayments and that they are always on time to make their monthly repayments.


With the latest mobile phones retailing at high prices, the flexibility of paying for one over a period of time is something gives many UK citizens flexibility. Depending on one’s ability and income, one has the flexible option of either making weekly repayments or monthly repayments depending on the agreement they reach with their provider of choice. This of course gives you the flexibility to effectively plan your finances and go for a repayment option that does not weigh down on your finances. Additionally, contrary to a monthly phone contract, you can also go for a SIM only contract as you are not necessarily tied to any given specific network.

No background checks

In order to be able to buy a mobile phone on finance, a number of companies carry out credit checks. This is however not uniform as there are a number of UK providers that do not carry out background checks and there only requirement is that you earn a monthly income that is sufficient to cover the monthly cost of the phone you are buying on finance. What this essentially means is that you can buy a mobile phone on finance even if you have bad credit.

The freedom to pay weekly or monthly without having to inherently worry about the status of your credit score is what essentially makes buying a mobile phone on finance such a delight!

Bad credit mobile phones basics


Getting approved for a phone contract might be a tall order especially if your credit score is in bad shape. Chances are that you will get the same disheartening answer every time you apply for one. However, this need not give you sleepless nights as there are a number of UK providers who offer bad credit mobile phones specifically designed for UK citizens with a less than stellar credit rating. If you’ve never applied for a bad credit phone and contemplating to do so, there are a number of basics you need to conversant with.

Acceptance rates

Do your research properly before applying with any given UK provider. Do not be desperate as to apply with a provider that you come across. Do background research to ensure that the provider you ultimately do business with has high acceptance rates. This gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that your application will be approved in the first instance and that you don’t have to approach a number of them before you can get the much needed approval.


Whether you like it or not, cost plays a very important role in the ultimate decision you make. You should not be too anxious to get approval to the extent of giving the aspect of cost a wide berth. Compare different providers and apply with other that offers the lowest interest rates on your bad credit mobile phone monthly contract. You can make use of comparison sites to get an idea of the interest rates different providers offer before you take the plunge.

Types of plans

When applying for a bad credit mobile phone, it’s essential that you weigh the options in tandem with your budget. There are basically two types of bad credit mobile phones. A plan for brand new phones as well as a plan for refurbished mobile phones. Basically, refurbished phones plans tend to be slightly cheaper than brand new phones. As such, if you feel your budget is tight, there is no need for you to go for a brand new phone and strain your finances. The logical thing to do would be to go for a refurbished phone that is manageable on your finances.

Upgrade option

The fact that you have a poor credit rating does not mean that you should go for a raw deal. With some many UK providers offering bad credit mobile phones, you should do your research properly and apply for one where you have the option for an upgrade in the foreseeable future. Most providers tend to reward loyalty and punctuality with payment. As such, you should only apply with a UK provider that gives you the option for an upgrade provided that you are loyal and diligent in payments.

Scrutinize the fine print

Do not be desperate as to append your signature on your phone contract without reading the fine print. A glance at Phones For All site and you will get to understand why it’s essential to compare plans as well as reading the fine print before you append your signature. Ensure you understand the terms and conditions of your bad credit mobile phone contract to avert a situation where you deal with hidden costs in the foreseeable future.

Taking out a monthly phone contract vs. buying a mobile phone on finance


If you are on the market shopping for a mobile phone and don’t have the required finances to pay upfront, chances are that you are considering taking out a monthly phone contract or buying a mobile phone on finance. Buying a mobile phone on finance is the best option especially if you have bad credit and have been refused a phone contract as a result. It also gives you flexibility in the sense that you can foot the cost of the phone over a set period of time giving you an opportunity to effectively plan and budget for your finances.

Conversely, it also accords you an opportunity to buy now and pay later. This is a situation where you get access to a mobile phone but pay for it at a determined later date. This could be after a 3 month, six month or 12 month period. It is important that you consider a number of things before you take out a monthly phone contract or a mobile phone on finance.

Buying a mobile phone on finance

Buying a mobile phone on finance does not mean that you are restricted from buying a phone of your choice. You actually get the opportunity to purchase a mobile phone from leading world manufacturers. You get an opportunity to own phones from leading brands such as Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Apple just to mention but a few. So long as you have been accepted for a credit account, majority of UK online retailers are more than willing to grant you access to the latest technological pieces of wonder boasting of the best features in mobile technology. Once you have been accepted for a credit account, you are at liberty to make payments for your phone of choice over a period of time.

Once you have a credit account with given retailer or provider, you will get a monthly statement detailing what you have purchased and how you should proceed with making repayments. Simply put, there are a number of repayment options at your disposal. You can choose to make payments via your mobile phone or simply log into your credit account online and effect payment of whatever amount is due for the month. If this is not an option for you, the good news is that there are a number of UK online retailers with physical stores or branches on the high street where you can physically make your repayments when due. Consequently, you can go for the buy now pay later options where you simply get your preferred mobile phone on finance but simply pay for it in full at a stated future date.

Monthly phone contract

The biggest advantage about buying a phone using a monthly phone contract is that you not only get access to the phone but also a number of benefits such as free texts, a predetermined number of minutes and data bundles monthly throughout the period of your contract. you get to receive a bill every month outlining or detailing whatever amount of money you’ve spend outside the scope of your monthly allowance. The downside is that most UK providers require that you have a good credit history before you can be approved for a monthly phone contract. However, with the popularity of no credit check mobile phones, bad credit mobile phones and guaranteed mobile phones, this shouldn’t be a problem.

To sum it up, while getting approved for a monthly phone contract might be a tall order due to the credit score requirements, applying for a mobile phone on finance might be a better option. The tricky part is that you will still have to look for a SIM card. However, with many SIM only contracts offered by many UK providers, this need not be a problem!

What to consider before you purchase a mobile phone


Owning a mobile phone is no longer an act of luxury or an indication of affluence but rather a need informed by necessity. Long gone are the days when owning a mobile phone was an afterthought or a luxurious undertaking. The paradigm shift and morphing of mobile phones into an extension of ourselves has virtually made them a must have asset. Mobile phones are, simply put, an important acquisition in this time and age where not owning one is frowned upon. However, before you buy or purchase a mobile phone, there are a number of things you need to consider.

Finance options

Are you running short of cash and feel like the latest piece of technological wonder might slip through your fingers? If that’s the case, you need not worry as you can acquire the latest mobile phone through mobile phone financing. Mobiles phone on finance require that you pay a small deposit and get access to your phone of choice while paying the balance through an agreed monthly installments. You get to choose the number of months you wish to clear the outstanding amount. The longer the duration, the less the amount of monthly installments and the higher the cost of the mobile phones on finance you ultimately pay.

Battery life

Once you have dealt with the aspect of finance and how you will acquire your handset of choice, the next thing is of course to take into consideration the outstanding features of a mobile phone. If you are a heavy phone user or depend on your mobile phone for virtually everything, going for a cell phone with a longer battery life is of essence. If you are into gaming and play games on your phone or stream videos on YouTube using your phone, the battery life of your phone is an important consideration.


There is no denying that mobile phones come in a variety of sizes and you need to go for a specific size that meets your needs. Depending on your tastes and preferences, go for a size that you are comfortable with. You can go for a tablet like phone or simply go for a simple one that you can use to achieve the basic of things such as texting and making simple calls.


If you are the kind of person who loves documenting your life through taking photos or simply can’t resist posting as many pictures as possible on social media, going for a phone with the best camera is of essence. The megapixels of your phone camera should be high and powerful enough to take high definition pictures hence according you an opportunity to document your life just how you like it.

Operating system

Your choice of phone should also be informed by your preferred operating system. In this respect, you can go for iOS, android and windows phone operating system. If you are apple enthusiasts, iOS is your logical choice. On the other hand, if you want an operating system where you can get access to millions of free apps with simple basic usability, android should be your operating system of choice. Conversely, if you want an operating system where you can easily access your PC files on the go, windows should be your operating system of choice.

Phone memory

The phone memory determines the number of apps, videos, pictures and even files you can store on your phone. If you are the kind of person that aims to store as many things as possible on your mobile phone, go for one that has an expandable memory to enable you save your important contacts, apps and videos without having to worry about phone memory.